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About us

We are a social enterprise that brings concrete solutions to the water crisis.

Our aim is to bring access to safe water as a sustainable solution. We think safe water as a human right. Every school, family or community we visit face different problems related to untreated water, no access to water and lack of information about hygiene and sanitation.

At Proyecto Agua Segura we believe that in order to achieve these goals, it is important to work collaboratively with the 3 main sectors: public, private and civil society.

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Water Crisis

The figures that show the water crisis in the world are as strong as they are alarming. A report of the Joint Monitoring Programme (WHO and UNICEF, 2015) ensures that every year 1500 millions people are affected by waterborne diseases, and a child dies every 90 seconds because of this. Diseases related to water, health and hygiene kill 1 millon people every year.

waterborne diseases


lack of access to water

lack of information


We want to prevent waterborne diseases in vulnerable communities all over the country. This is why we use innovative technology to provide access to safe water while raising awareness about the water crisis. Education to children is the key to a real change so we also teach about the problems related to safe water through games.


We developed an educational and health program in rural schools. In the meantime we provide safe water immediately and raise awareness among students, families and teachers about hygiene and healthy habits.


We approach vulnerable homes and community centers and offer solutions to water issues. We provide safe water immediately while we raise awareness about the importance of hygiene, healthy and sanitary habits.


We developed a structure that accumulates rainwater. This creates a new and alternative water source near children and adults who live in places where is hard to get water. Along with this process comes the treatment of this water making it safe for personal consumption.


Of all the methodologies for water treatment (chlorine, solar, filtration, etc.), these filters stand out because they are the only ones that meet the highest standards of health protection according to World Health Organization (WHO).


Powerful high volume water purifier for use in homes without access to safe water and in emergency situations after natural disasters.

LifeStraw® Family 1.0


High volume water filter for use in homes. It has a container where clean water can be storaged and a dispenser to be more user-friendly.

LifeStraw® Family 2.0


High volume water purifier that provides up to 3 years of safe water for 100 kids at a school. Prevents waterborne diseases.

LifeStraw® Community

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You can also help more people have access to safe water in Argentina.


If you are a volunteer or are part of an NGO, write us with the subject "I am an NGO" to telling us your case so we can work together.


There are already many companies that work with us to provide safe water to communities that need it. We will create a project according to your company´s strategy. Get in touch with us with the subject "I am a company" to

Thank you very much! We will contact you as soon as possible.